08 February 2013 ~ Comments Off

Friday wins

In spite of all the self-encouragement on my blog this week, I’m still trying to get past some really big mental and emotional hurdles. I think sometimes I’m not up front, even in a venue like this, because it’s hard to admit I’m struggling. Instead, I prefer to be overly enthusiastic about future ventures. Maybe that’s a good thing, rather than allowing oneself to get stuck in the mire of a few bad days.

But for the first time all week, I feel like I’ve had a few wins this morning. The main one being that I left a message with a therapist’s office to see if she’s accepting new patients. That’s obviously only one very minuscule first step in a much bigger process, and it may ultimately lead to failure, but I’m trying and that’s something.

If I didn’t have a marathon meeting scheduled for the entire afternoon, I’d be all over going home and sleeping straight through to Saturday. I just have to keep reminding myself that the way I feel today – the bad parts, anyway – are just a blip. Nothing more. And I’ll wake up tomorrow smiling.

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