I am a 20-something writer, editor, designer & geek living in Memphis, Tennessee, and working in communications for a conservation nonprofit. I used to be way into blogging in college (it may have been an obsession back in the LiveJournal days) but these days it’s more of a will-I-or-won’t-I contest with myself when it comes to writing here or anywhere else not related to my job.

I got married to an awesome guy in August 2012 and we’re adoptive parents to two pretty sweet cats (one plays fetch, the other blurps). We’ve moved around a bit (all right, A LOT) since we first met, but plan to stay in Memphis for at least a few years to get our bearings and figure out what’s next.

If you happen to be interested in my design skills, some examples of my work are available on my portfolio site: portfolio.lemonslush.com. And check out the “connect” tab up top to get in touch with me via social media. Enjoy!