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29 December 2014 ~ Comments Off


One of my main methods of exercise lately has been jogging. It’s a struggle every time, but it’s also produced the greatest results, so I keep trying in spite of the pain and frustration. One of my jogging routes is slightly longer, taking me back around a set of sports fields instead of just looping [...]

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14 March 2013 ~ Comments Off

the pervasiveness of low self-confidence

It occurred to me today just how much having low self-confidence affects my daily life. And how much I’ve avoided dealing with it by choosing to be isolated from the world. I had a brainstorming session this afternoon with a good friend/coworker about a multimedia presentation for our company’s upcoming national convention. It’s set to [...]

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04 March 2013 ~ Comments Off


The dangerous thing about being extremely self-conscious is the moment you realize you’re the only one who actually gives a shit about you. It’s so easy to get swept up in the anxiety of how you look, how you’re acting, how awkward you were or how stupid you sounded. But, really, you’re the only one [...]

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03 October 2012 ~ Comments Off

anxiety revealed

Love this post from Jen on EPBOT about anxiety. Here’s an excerpt: I know this is pretty much the worst pep talk ever, but I think this is something you “just do it!” types need to hear: sometimes pushing someone into “facing their fears” only makes the fear worse. And even if it doesn’t, there’s [...]

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